Bitlog is a leading supplier of inventory management systems for e-retailers. Their WMS is cloud-based and easy to implement.

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"Bitlog's mobile app is amazing! We can easily add or replace staff in the warehouse, and because the app is so easy to understand and get started with, a new person can be up and running in just 1-2 hours."

Magnus Olsson Logistikchef, Care of Carl

Bitlog was started in our capital in 2006 and the first version of their WMS was released in 2014.

They offer a modern, cloud-based WMS software for traders, warehouses and manufacturing companies in today's dynamic and global market. With their extensive industry experience and expertise, they aim to help companies make inventory management a strategic pillar of their business. They achieve this by optimizing processes, improving internal reporting, resource planning and the daily work in the warehouse.

Bitlogs WMS has automatic upgrades, meaning users are always working with the latest version at no extra cost. In addition, Bitlog is constantly launching new features that are quickly made available to users.

Bitlog WMS gives users full control over picking, packing, order status and inventory balance, while working quickly and cost-effectively. The system is easy to use and new employees can become self-employed in just a few hours.

By using Bitlog's WMS, e-tailers can future-proof their inventory management with a powerful and adaptable platform regardless of where they are located geographically.

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