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Manual packing station

Manuellt packbord

Very few players, both e-commerce and 3PLs, have 100% of their product range adapted to be packed automatically. Even if the trend is to find packing machines for the majority share of their range, there will always be a need for the craft of manually packing an e-commerce package.

If the advantages of manual packing are craftsmanship, the disadvantages are speed. Carefully packing a package manually will never reach the same throughput as a machine.


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Manual packing station

To maintain the highest efficiency possible, while maintaining craftsmanship, a manual packing station with the right conditions is required.

As an operator, to have the goods presented in an ergonomically advantageous position with suggestions from the WMS/ERP on which of the different freight packaging they should choose. Using RFID to collect data points for the printing of waybills and transmission back to WMS/ERP without the operator having to waste time on scanning. Control weighing of the picked goods to quickly ensure that they match our target value.

Finally, the operator will be able to push the package straight ahead, to see the package fall down on the associated belt conveyor which then takes the package all the way to sorting.

Packing a parcel manually today (without the above support) takes between 45 and 60 seconds/parcel. In many of our existing facilities, this time has been halved. In other words, capacity has doubled.


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