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e-motions is an automation company based in Tenhult, just outside Jönköping.  With a competent and tight team, we develop and offer premium automation to the fast-growing e-commerce industry.

When we work with customers in the e-commerce industry, we have to be creative and quick-witted. With long experience from classic industrial automation, we know what is needed for a successful project. We always stay on our toes when helping e-commerce companies with successful order management. Together we create optimal flows for e-commerce and logistics.

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We take responsibility for your entire automation journey

We try to see ourselves as the central connection point. With own products as a base, we use our network in the industry to connect solutions to take your business to a more sustainable and profitable level. We integrate this with your existing systems, so that everything flows as a single unit.

A typical customer is often looking for more efficient, more profitable and smarter overall solutions for their logistics. By collecting, managing and presenting useful data, we put ourselves in the driver's seat and take responsibility for the entire automation journey. We offer not only our own products, but also the expertise and solutions of our industry-leading partners.

Our journey


JRL Industriteknik is launched

Two employees in the beginning. We then focused on industrial automation and subcontracting. Expanded quite soon with license welding and district heating welding, which allowed us to access more industries.


JRL Produktion is launched

The company is a subsidiary of JRL Industriteknik. There we worked, among other things, with the production of the luminaires that the company Light by Sweden has today. Gustav Stark was a new graduate in construction and started at JRL.


Nils Brunke starts

We needed a salesperson and Nils Brunke is hired. We created a project team to analyze the market and realized that automation together with e-commerce would be our major focus.


100% on e-commerce

We sold off the welding part and focused 100% on e-commerce automation. Nils became CEO, Gustav became development manager and we changed our name to e-motions Europe AB. We sold our first e-commerce facility to TURA in Sweden. We become a Nordic growth company for the year 2019.


e-motions enters Norway

We entered Norway and sold our first facility to 360 Logistics. e-motions grew and grew with more employees.


Packing machine launch

This year we also became a Nordic growth company. We grew with customers like Haypp and Snusbolaget in Norway. We are also launching our packing machine.


Gazelle company

We become a Gazelle company and the growth journey continues with lots more customers and employees.

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