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  • Lagerhanteringssystem

    Ett lagerhanteringssystem för e-handlare är en integrerad mjukvarulösning som effektiviserar och optimerar hanteringen av varulager. Genom att automatisera och strukturera olika aspekter av lagerhanteringen möjliggör detta system för e-handlare att hantera sina produkter på ett smidigt och effektivt sätt.

  • e-motions and Airmee found each other on a software level as they both came from a software perspective. Both parties operate in industries where software is revolutionary and they know the endless possibilities that exist in both collecting and analyzing data.

  • Pressmeddelande Snusbolaget

    Stockholm-based Snusbolaget, owned by Haypp Group AB, has chosen e-motions Europe AB as its supplier of automation solutions.

  • Lagrets polis

    With most of our customers, we increasingly hear problems related to theft and fraud. According to the article published by Jönköpings Posten (read more here), through connections to gang criminal circles, they have managed to strategically place people "on the inside" of e-commerce warehouses. Unfortunately, this opens up an ocean of opportunities for those with criminal intentions.

  • We offer e-commerce logistics for small to medium-sized e-commerce businesses.

  • We list four common mistakes and provide tips on how to avoid them.

  • It's not uncommon for e-retailers and 3PLs to double their staff during Black Friday and the Christmas holidays. Some businesses even seem to be a little proud of it.

  • A common misconception in e-commerce and 3PL is that the threshold is too high and that automation solutions are expensive. Many believe that some kind of robotic warehouse is the only way to go.

  • Square footage and staffing costs are the most expensive costs you have as an e-retailer or 3PL. A business move can easily become both painful and costly.

  • Snusbolaget Norden AB began in a garage full of snus and cartons.


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