e-motions becomes the automation partner for last mile-company Airmee

e-motions and Airmee found each other on a software level, as they both have a background in the field. Both parties operate in industries where software is revolutionary, and they both know the endless possibilities that exist in collecting and analysing data.

e-motions has now been chosen to supply scalable automation solutions to the growing last mile-actor. The solution is expected to be completed in the middle of June this year.

Software to optimise automation

On top of focusing on software, it is important for e-motions to keep up with the extreme growth journey that Airmee is undergoing in terms of hardware. This is where e-motions’ scalable solutions stand out, allowing the last mile-actor to easily expand its facilities without having to endure costly production stops.

Starting small and restricting your spending is a wise move for companies that are experiencing tremendous growth. It is not uncommon for courier companies to build huge distribution centres on the outskirts of larger cities. However, Airmee has chosen a different path by offering several smaller sorting hubs using scalable automation and intelligent software in order to always be as close to the end customer as possible. They have also chosen a flexible financing arrangement with direct ROI.

“As we are continuously growing and expanding into new geographical areas, we looked at various solutions to automate our sorting terminals. And as a fast-growing tech company, taking the step towards automation with e-motions felt natural, as their solution is both flexible and scalable. We look forward to scaling up the collaboration and we are already an increase in both our precision and speed of delivery.”

Julian Lee, Founder and CEO Airmee

A starting point for collaboration

Once again, the two companies have confirmed how important it is to collect information such as weight, volume, photos and time for all packages. This type of data is just as important as physically sorting the package correctly.

The solution that will act as the starting point for Airmee and e-motion’s collaboration will be located at the Kallhäll terminal outside Stockholm. Both parties look forward to seeing the effects of the automation in the near future, and thus be able to apply the same type of solution to more sites. The first solution is expected to be ready around midsummer this year.

“The solution is more software-based than hardware-based, and it is completely in line with our view on investment. This motivates us to learn more about the needs and solutions required for a successful last mile delivery. Airmee’s uniqueness in using smaller, customer-oriented terminals fits our scalable hardware perfectly. It is a real pleasure to be a part of the journey.”

Nils Brunke, CEO e-motions Europe AB

About Airmee

Airmee’s vision is to provide fast and sustainable deliveries. The company was founded by Julian Lee in 2018.

Airmee currently provides its delivery services to hundreds of e-retailers across the Nordic region. The company is a last mile-company that uses its proprietary technology and machine learning to optimise logistics fleets in real time.

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About e-motions

In 2018, e-motions Europe AB moved from industrial automation to having a 100% focus on e-commerce.

e-motions is an entrepreneurial logistics automation company based in Tenhult, just outside Jönköping. In 2022, they had a turnover of just over 163 million and also became a Gazelle company.

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