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Author: Elin Wennstig

e-motions Europe AB delivers innovative automation solution to Danish company Apoteka

e-motions Europe AB is proud to announce an exciting partnership with Apoteka, the infrastructure provider of the largest online pharmacy in Denmark.

This was done in close collaboration with consultant Marcus Ramstrand from Ramstrand Logistics, previously experienced with Swedish company e-motions will deliver a complete automation solution for Apoteka's new +5,000 m2 facility outside Copenhagen.

Apoteka | e-motions

Streamlining Growth: Automation Solutions for Denmark's Online Pharmacy Market

To meet the anticipated rapid growth in the Danish online pharmacy market, the company required an automation solution for its new premises. The case largely revolved around packaging automation, and the choice fell on Sealed Air and their iPack (formerly B+ Equipment). Two different "foot prints" will be established to meet Apoteka's specific needs.

To further optimize the process, a high-frequency picking system will be added to e-motion's Pick to Light solution, which will be used for parts of the assortment. In addition, check weighing points and camera stations will be integrated to ensure the highest possible precision and quality. After the boxes have been optimised for air, sealed, and labeled, the process ends with automatic sorting via e-motion's DWS (Dimension Weighing Scanning).

"e-motions was the natural automation partner in our ongoing journey to improve the availability and distribution of pharmacy products and services in Denmark. They have a very flexible and solution-oriented approach, and we look forward to our journey together with e-motions."

Martin Glesner, CEO Apoteka
Pressmeddelande | Apoteka

Enters the Danish market

This delivery marks an important milestone for e-motions, as the company enters the Danish market and expands its portfolio with a completely new type of automation solution in a new industry.

"Our collaboration with Apoteka represents a milestone for e-motions Europe AB. We are proud to offer a solution with a focus on the software side, which we believe is a crucial component for successful automation projects. It allows us to customize and adapt the solution to Apoteka's specific requirements and future needs. We look forward to being part of this journey, and to learn and develop alongside Apoteka."

– Nils Brunke, CEO e-motions Europe AB

Pressmeddelande Apoteka & e-motions

Two stages of delivery

e-motions will deliver the solution in two stages, with the initial stage taking place before the upcoming peak season. The second part of the delivery is scheduled to take place after the turn of the year 23/24.

About e-motions Europe AB
e-motions Europe AB is a leading automation company with a passion for helping businesses automate their operations. They offer innovative and custom solutions aimed at increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of their customers.

About Apoteka
Apoteka is a leading player in the Danish pharmacy industry. Their focus is on improving the availability and distribution of pharmacy products and services. Apoteka provides high-quality service and innovative solutions for their customers. Their vision is to be an industry leader and through their digital platform propel the pharmacies of the future. Visit for more information.

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Martin Glesner, CEO

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