Snushjem automates logistics with e-motions

Snusbolaget Norden AB began in a garage full of snus and cartons.

When the business took off, they moved to a larger warehouse, and have grown significantly over the past ten years. Now e-motions Europe AB is joining as a supplier and partner.

"Snusbolaget is a really exciting e-retailer and an important partner for us. Our growth journey is in full swing, and we look forward to developing with them in the Nordic region and also in other parts of the world."

Nils Brunke CEO, e-motions Europe AB

Ordering snus online is becoming an obvious choice for more and more consumers

When Snusbolaget entered Norway in 2018, it was under the name Snushjem. In Q3 this year, the automation company e-motions enters as a total partner in all automation for Norwegian logistics. With solutions for picking, packing, and sorting, order management is streamlined, which paves the way for continued profitable growth internationally. The automation has several built-in controls and is integrated with other systems. This has positive effects for Snusbolaget in terms of both quality and increased capacity. The consumer also gets better service and faster delivery.

The Norwegian facility is the pilot project that starts the cooperation between e-motions and Snusbolaget. Similar arrangements are already being planned in other logistics facilities and in other countries.

"e-motions Europe AB is the kind of partner we need to continue our growth journey, fast solution-focused and with modern technology. We are looking forward to the start of production of our new warehouse in Oslo and we believe that this is just the first of many steps on a long joint journey towards becoming a global e-commerce player at the forefront."

Jonas Kolehmainen, Chief Logistics Officer Snusbolaget Norden AB

Information about Snusbolaget and e-motions

- Snusbolaget Norden AB started in 2009. They currently have about 140 employees, mostly in Sweden but also the USA, Norway, Spain and others. In 2020, they had a turnover of just over SEK 1.8 billion. For more information, visit or

- In 2018, e-motions Europe AB switched its business from industrial automation to being 100% focused on e-commerce. An entrepreneurial logistics automation company based in Tenhult, just outside Jönköping. In 2020, they had a turnover of just over 40 million. Read more at


For further information: e.motions Europe AB, Nils Brunke, CEO, 073-501 11 920,

Snusbolaget Norden AB, Jonas Kolehmainen, Chief Logistics Officer, 070-935 38 88,

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