Pressmeddelande Snusbolaget
Author: Elin Wennstig

E-motions continues as Snusbolaget's automation supplier for warehouses

Stockholm-based Snusbolaget, owned by Haypp Group AB, has chosen e-motions Europe AB as its supplier of automation solutions.

In 2021, e-motions delivered a facility to Haypp in Oslo under the name Snushjem. Now e-motions has the great pleasure of once again being trusted as a automation partner. Now to Snusbolaget in Stockholm. During Q3, they will deliver a brand new facility containing pick, pack, sorting and image verification of picked orders.

Pressmeddelande Snusbolaget | e-motions

Snusbolaget, "fine as snus"

In 2009, Henrik Nordström and Linus Liljegren started Snusbolaget from a basement in southern Stockholm when they were just 19 years old. Today, after fourteen years, the company has changed its name to Haypp and has been listed on the stock exchange since 2021.

With its eleven e-commerce brands and operations in eight countries, Snusbolaget is an important company in the industry. Sweden is the largest market for Haypp, while Norway comes second. Major growth is now expected in the US as Hayyp enters that market.

"We have now chosen to take the next step with e-motions and are building new automation in our Stockholm warehouse that also handles European orders. It will be an even more advanced facility than the one we built together in Norway. More modern technology, smarter solutions and higher efficiency. E-motions has proven to be the partner we need by being solution-oriented and above all fast and flexible as required in our global growth journey."

Jenny Mitts, Chief Logistics Officer HAYPP GROUP
Pressmeddelande Snusbolaget och e-motions

4000 square meters of logistics dreams

e-motions has now entered the role of total partner for all automation in the Swedish logistics for Haypp Group AB.

By offering effective solutions for picking, packing and sorting, order management is expected to improve and enable continued profitable growth internationally. The integrated automation is equipped with several built-in controls aimed at improving both quality and capacity for Snusbolaget. The warehouse is located in Haninge outside Stockholm and is 4000 square meters.

"It is a great stamp of quality for us as a company that Haypp, which is one of Sweden's largest e-retailers, chooses to work with us once again. It is customers like Haypp Group that drive us and our development forward!"

Nils Brunke, CEO e-motions Europe AB

About e-motions

In 2018, e-motions Europe AB switched its business from industrial automation to being 100% focused on e-commerce.

An entrepreneurial logistics automation company based in Tenhult, just outside Jönköping. In 2022, they had a turnover of just over 163 million and also became a Gazelle company.

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Pressmeddelande Snusbolaget | e-motions Europe AB

About Haypp Group

Haypp Group started in 2009. They currently have 145 employees, mostly in Sweden but also in the USA, Norway, Spain and others.

In 2022, they had a turnover of more than SEK 2.6 billion and served more than 790,000 active customers. The goal of the group is to get people who use more harmful tobacco products, especially cigarettes, to switch to safer alternatives.

Se their webshops:, och

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