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Warehouse management system

A Warehouse Management System for e-retailers is an integrated software solution that streamlines and optimises the management of inventories. This system enables e-retailers to manage their products in a smooth and efficient way by automating and structuring different aspects of warehouse management.


A Warehouse Management System provides e-retailers with the following seven benefits:

  1. Real-time overview
    By monitoring stock in real time, e-retailers can easily see available products and avoid over or under stocking.

  2. Order management
    The system helps to automate the order process, from receiving to picking and packing, which reduces the risk of errors and improves customer experience.

  3. Inventory tracking
    Products can be tracked throughout the entire warehouse, making it easier to manage returns, complaints and warrantees.

  4. Efficient picking
    The Warehouse Management System can optimise picking routines by suggesting the best route and minimising the distance between products.

  5. Safety and accuracy
    Reduce the risk of inventory errors or product loss by automatic registration and checking of products.

  6. Integrate with your e-commerce platform
    The system can be integrated with your e-commerce platform to enable automated updating of product information and inventory status.

  7. Analyses and reports
    A Warehouse Management System can generate detailed reports and analysis to help e-retailers make informed decisions about the inventory and purchasing.


WMS – World-class Warehouse Management System

We work with partners that supply the best Warehouse Management Systems / WMS on the market. When the WMS works alongside the hardware and automation – That’s when the magic happens.

Finding the right WMS for your business might seem like a jungle. Are looking for a new WMS? We are available to chat about your business needs. We can give you a contact at one of our partners.

  • Bitlog is a leading supplier of Warehouse Management Systems for e-retailers. Their WMS is cloud-based and easy to implement.

  • Ongoing is a fast-growing software company specialising in a web-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) for logistics-intensive companies. They have a strong international presence with customers in over 30 countries.


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