Ongoing is a fast-growing software company specialising in a web-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) for logistics-intensive companies. They have a strong international presence with customers in over 30 countries.

Ongoing’s WMS is easy to implement and learn and can easily be adapted to the specific needs of the business. It has a broad ecosystem of integrations to e-commerce systems, business systems, transport systems, automation equipment, etc.

The service is hardware independent and can be implemented with any automation hardware thanks to modern and standardised APIs.

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What are the positive aspects of integration?

By integrating our sorting solution with Ongoing’s WMS, you can simplify and make your inventory management more efficient. See how the Norwegian 3PL company 360 Logistics streamlined its warehouse management by integrating the two systems here.

Examples of how the integration works:

  • The order is picked and packed in the Ongoing WMS and then sent through the DWS system, where the package is scanned.

  • The Ongoing WMS receives information on the package dimensions from e-motions, which then becomes available to the carrier.

  • The Ongoing WMS sends the recipient information to us at e-motions, which automatically sorts the package to the right carrier.

Here’s how to get started:
At e-motions, we have developed an integration solution to Ongoing’s WMS. If you are a client of ours and wish to use Ongoing’s WMS, click here to contact Ongoing.

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