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The DWS system is the brain of our automation and the reason why our parcel management solutions are so smart. Using IoT support in the software, weights, dimensions and other relevant information are communicated directly to and from your existing systems.

DWS stands for Dimensions, Weight and Scanning. Using IOT technology, the DWS system is where all the intelligence resides. The information collected communicates back and forth with other equipment and with your WMS system. All for a seamless system.

The user-friendly IOT communication means that you never have to worry about investing in servers or electrical cabinets for power supply. The DWS house is only equipped with high voltage power. We connect all our devices in the automation in series via IO-link. Both for power supply and other communication.

Width: 1490 mm Depth: 1435 mm Height: 2380 mm
up to 3500 packages/h (no weighing)
Maximum parcel size
600x600x600 mm
Minimum parcel size
100x100x10 mm
Maximum package weight
20 kg
Minimum package weight
200 g
Weighing tolerance
+-4 g
Dimensional tolerance
5 mm
IoT connected

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Customer cases with DWS

Snushjem Haypp har köpt automation från e-motions
Snushjem Haypp
Shelfless Borås | e-motions
Shelfless Borås
Purefun group

Why do we need to communicate with our own equipment?

The rapid growth of e-retailers and third-party logistics providers is not without its challenges. Especially when it comes to growing pains. With increased growth and higher order flow, more resources are needed. Without automation, there is only one solution: more people picking, packing and sorting parcels.

Investing in traditional automation equipment often requires a completely different set of skills to succeed. Who solves the technical and service issues of the equipment in everyday problems? For example, if a sensor has a problem, the whole process risks stopping. This is expensive and creates a poorer experience for the end consumer, in the form of longer delivery times and other problems.  An investment in automation should not require an in-house automation technician.

Thanks to our IO-link, we can quickly notify your staff when something is wrong. In 9 cases out of 10, disruptions are caused by small things that are easy to adjust. When a problem arises, we can easily tell you what's wrong and how to fix it - from our office in Tenhult, without having to go on site. Automation should not have to be unnecessarily complicated or expensive.

For example, if a piece of cardboard comes loose and gets stuck in a conveyor belt, we are notified of abnormal power consumption. Then we can easily give staff the right information and point out exactly where we get a message from and what they can do directly. If something is about to break (which will happen sooner or later), we can anticipate this and work proactively to avoid prolonged production downtime during critical periods. Like during Black Friday.


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