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MBR - Modular Button Rack

MBR-hylla från e-motions

An MBR shelving unit is an addition to our fully integrated pick-to-light system that follows the conveyor system. The technology is the same, but with the MBR shelving unit you can maximise the number of locations for your products during high frequency picking. The MBR shelving unit comes in a range of sizes with various amounts of locations depending on customer requirements. The most common model is 3,600 mm wide and has over 60 unique locations.

MBR (Modular Button Rack) shelving units from e-motions are constantly connected to your WMS / ERP, just like our other hardware. When the operator has confirmed the picking by pressing the illuminated button, the WMS order status will immediately be updated to “picked” and the data will be registered and searchable.


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