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Our sorting facility is modular, which means it is scalable in both hardware and software. We adapt our sorter to fit, regardless of what the flow looks like at your site today. When the flow increases and the business grows, we quickly and easily scale up the entire facility. This makes it easy to add a new customer, product or collection - and at the same time adapt the flow to increased sales during peak order periods.

Scaling up the sorting facility quickly when needed is made possible thanks to the adaptive software. IOT (Internet Of Things) software allows us to access the facility from our office. This allows us to provide better service and offer a flexible sorting solution for all e-commerce and logistics customers.

As your automation partner, your delivery security is our responsibility. Should there be any doubt that a package is incorrectly packed, or that some information is missing, we will not sort out the package. Instead, it goes straight out at a sorting point designated for any errors, or back on a return path for handling again.

Width: 900 mm x Depth: 2100 mm Height: 2000 mm
Sorting destinations
Module based
Plug and play
Sorting method
Parcel handling
Gravity roller conveyor or package cage

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Fewer errors and better flow - sorting is key

Automating your sorting has many benefits. It saves on your biggest cost - your staff. You also get better control of the flow and your costs. Read more below to understand the upside of automated sorting.

Resource saving  – If you currently handle sorting manually, our automation will free up time from your existing staff. They can devote themselves to the more important tasks and your flow will have a higher degree of automation.

Full control of the flow – Our system gives you data on the entire flow. You can use this data to support your customers' invoices if you're a 3PL, present it on screens to your employees to help them focus on the right place, start customs clearance when it's appropriate and book transports when it's optimal.

Expand the order window – By sorting your parcels with our sorting facility, you can take orders later in the day and deliver faster to the end customer.

Track space  – Do you know if you are being charged correctly by your carriers? When each parcel is weighed and dimensioned in the DWS house, you'll have a record of any suspected overcharging and a basis for negotiating contract renewals.

Flexibility – Thanks to the modularly built hardware and adaptive software, you can easily scale up and down the sorting facility according to your existing needs. There are a lot of resources to be saved here as you don't have to bring in extra staff to cover for order peaks, or send people home when there is less to do.

Investments that lasts over time  – With the latest Internet Of Things (IOT) technology, you'll be at the forefront and ready for the transition to the logistics of the future.


The sorter module and the DWS system are two products that, when they talk to each other, become a fantastic combination. Experience the power of having both in your installation. We call the DWS system, the heart of the sorting facility.


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