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Stacker destacker

Stacker destacker från e-motions

Stacking is when we automatically stack up all the empty boxes. De-stacking is when we release the empty boxes to pick more. In this way, you can store 200 empty bins in just 12 meters, instead of on a 120 meter long conveyor.

Managing space smartly is an easy way to save money. Our Stacker destacker only releases bins when there is a customer order, saving a huge amount of space on the belt conveyors.

Module based
Plug and play
Stacker- /destacker speed
4 sec/bin
Stacking height
12 bins (Bin height 120 mm)
Stacker destacker

Our Stack & de-stack solution makes it possible to utilize the height of your premises

Many e-retailers and 3PLs use an integrated reverse flow on a driven roller conveyor in the picking area. A Pick-to-light, that is. By allowing the products to be moved to the operator, instead of staff going to the right shelf, you can quickly optimize the flow.

This creates a new level of productivity and picking speed. However, when picking is fast, a large buffer of empty boxes is required to never stop. Empty boxes take up a lot of unnecessary space. Imagine that your business needs 200 bins to keep an efficient pick-to-light running. A standard plastic Euroback is 800×600 mm. So you need 120 meters of runway to buffer all your empty bins.


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