All our automation is created for better order management in all e-commerce logistics. Everything to get as little manual handling as possible and to streamline the order's journey from order to delivery.

And yes, all our products are of high quality, i.e. the hardware, but the magic is in the software.

Mjukvara från e-motions

Goldmine of data

We integrate with most major WMS & ERP systems available and can quickly get started with integrations with new systems. We then keep the WMS/ERP system updated with all relevant information (for example, order statuses, movements in the plant, sensor data from DWS houses such as length, width, height, and weight or images from cameras).

We integrate with most major WMS and ERP systems available and can quickly get started with integrations with new systems.

Mjukvara och e-handel

How great software becomes together with automation

When the products are to be picked, our Pick-to-light knows exactly where the items are and what is to be picked.

When the order is picked and packed, our packing machine knows the size of the products. If something is incorrectly picked, the operator is notified and an adjustment can be made immediately. The packing machine knows the size of the contents and creates a package that is exactly the right size.

The pre-packed order goes out for delivery. In sorting, our DWS system detects the weight, volume and scans the label. This acts as an extra check, making sure everything is right, while sending the information to your systems that the package is ready for delivery.

Checking the weight, volume, shipping label and time on the package during sorting is the optimal check before delivery to the customer. If a parcel does not arrive at the consumer, you can easily check the order number and ensure that it has left, and that the right products have been packed.

Mjukvara och e-handel | e-motions

The benefits of having automation in combination with our software are:

  • Full control over all aspects of order management

  • Higher precision and efficiency in logistics

  • Control of freight and space with the forwarders

  • Increased capacity. More orders can be sent and the forwarder picks up delivery at the optimal time

  • Better service to customers

  • Good ROI, an investment can be quickly be recovered


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