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Shelfless creates logistics flows and solutions for e-retailers and distributors, nationally and globally. A true 3PL actor in other words. And what an incredible journey they have made. They started off small in 2006 and by 2008, they had really taken off.

Today, you can find them in Borås, Ängelholm, Stockholm and in Habo outside Jönköping, where they have a total of over 60,000 square metres of space across their various sites.

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Shelfless, with its roots in Habo, Sweden, has been a strategically important partner since e-motions first decided to invest in e-commerce. Along the road, our two companies have worked on various projects together and every time is just as exciting and fun as the last.

Shelfless’ site in Borås handles large volumes of e-commerce orders on a daily basis. In our latest project, e-motions had the honour of installing two automatic parcel sorting systems with our DWS. This autumn, we have ensured the communication to send and retrieve data between the client’s WMS and the hardware.

In order to be professional, you need to know how your business works. If you also decide to handle your customer’s customer service and become the first port of call for their customers, well then you really want to shine. Most of us, privately or professionally, have had a package go missing at some point. This often starts a blame game between the forwarding agent and the logistician about who is responsible and where the shipment has ended up.

Being able to notify your customer’s customer of the complete course of events linked to their order, by using data points such as: DWS route, package weight, package photo, time stamp showing when the package was packed and when it left the warehouse, puts less responsibility on your customer and is perceived as a lot more professional.

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Client cases
  • Almroths was founded in 1930 in Norrköping, Sweden, as a transportation and moving company. Today they are a broad logistics company that specialises in forwarding, servicing, warehousing and transport services. In recent years, they have become a large actor in third-party logistics for e-retailers.

  • Purefun Group owns a group of online retailers, such as Vuxen, BlushMe, WooMe, Kondomeriet, Doggie, Kalaslagret and DOG Revolution. They offer party items, sexual health products and various animal products.

  • Teknikproffset

    Teknikproffset takes your technology needs to a level you never knew existed, with an e-commerce business that offers home electronics and accessories delivered to the entire Nordic region.

  • Expresspack

    Expresspack Sweden AB is located in Borås, Sweden, and offers third-party logistics for those who wish to outsource their warehouse management. They currently work with several e-retailers in various industries.

  • TURA Scandinavia

    TURA Scandinavia is a leading distributor of consumer electronics. In addition to consumer electronics, they also have a wide range of professional photo, video and graphics products.

  • Boxflow

    Boxflow is a Swedish logistics provider that specialises in helping e-retailers manage their logistics and staffing. The company offers a wide range of services, including inventory management, product picking and packing, shipping and delivery, as well as staffing solutions that help e-retailers manage periods of high demand.

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