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Teknikproffset takes your technology needs to a level you never knew existed, with an e-commerce business that offers home electronics and accessories delivered to the entire Nordic region.

The company was founded in Gothenburg in 2009 and have since grown into a well-known e-commerce business. We are proud to have helped them with their logistics. Read more about our journey.

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Our journey with Teknikproffset

Teknikproffset had, similar to Jordklok, maximised the use of their existing warehouse system, and while upgrading to a WMS, they also decided to automate their outbound system (packing and sorting). As for most e-retailers, Q4 (which is only a handful of weeks) is of utmost importance as that is when sales are at their peak, and to meet customer demand for fast deliveries in such a short time, you need be on top of your own processes.

To avoid having to rely on staff agencies or spending enormous sums of money on doubling the workforce, we decided on a solution with an automatic packing line with two packing machines and sorting units.

Moving from a completely manual process to installing packing machines is not something you do in the blink of an eye, but through continuous improvement work on how to use the machine in the best possible way, you can achieve levels where a machine replaces 3, 4 sometimes even 5 manual packers.

  • Teknikproffset | e-motions Europe AB
  • Teknikproffset | e-motions Europe
  • Teknikproffset
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Client cases
  • Boxflow

    Boxflow is a Swedish logistics provider that specialises in helping e-retailers manage their logistics and staffing. The company offers a wide range of services, including inventory management, product picking and packing, shipping and delivery, as well as staffing solutions that help e-retailers manage periods of high demand.

  • 360 Logistics

    360 Logistics was founded in 2017 by Gustav Jebsen and today they have 25 employees. They have 5000 square meters of warehouse space and 15,000 Autostore boxes. 360 Logistics is a technology-driven third-party logistics provider (3PL) in Norway that focuses on the e-commerce and retail industry.

  • Lundeby is a family-run company that started working in various branches, such as agriculture, sawmills etc., as early as 1934. After the Second World War, they ended up going in a completely different direction and placed their focus on bookbinding. Since that time, the company has grown tremendously.

  • Expresspack

    Expresspack Sweden AB is located in Borås, Sweden, and offers third-party logistics for those who wish to outsource their warehouse management. They currently work with several e-retailers in various industries.

  • e-logistik offers clients a full service in third-party logistics, with everything from warehousing to desktop optimisation and customer support for e-retailers. You will find e-logistik in Götene, Sweden, where they have been based since 2006.

  • Almroths was founded in 1930 in Norrköping, Sweden, as a transportation and moving company. Today they are a broad logistics company that specialises in forwarding, servicing, warehousing and transport services. In recent years, they have become a large actor in third-party logistics for e-retailers.

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