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Interroll provides system integrators and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) with a broad portfolio of platform-based products and services in the categories:

  • Rollers (for conveyors)

  • Drive units (motors for conveyors)

  • Conveyors & Sorters for package handling

  • The flows for pallet handling

Interroll's products can be found in post and express operations, e-commerce logistics, airports, grocery stores, the automotive industry and many other manufacturing industries.

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25.000 packages/h

This is how we work with Interroll

In all our roller conveyors we use Interroll's high-quality rollers and in all our belt conveyors their drum motors. They deliver, in our opinion, the market's best components for material handling.

During periods when we have a lot to do, instead of assembling our solutions in-house, we can have the equipment almost ready upon delivery. This allows us to scale up our total delivery capacity and take on larger and more projects at the same time and still deliver to the end customer.

Rolling On Interroll

In autumn 2020, we became part of Interroll's own partner operation, Rolling On Interroll (ROI). This means that we get the opportunity to integrate and supply Interroll's entire range, including their Crossbelt Sorter and Stacker Crane. This means that we can deliver sorting facilities for up to 25,000 packages/h and the latest solutions for pallet handling. Together with our expertise and IoT-functional software, this creates new heights for intelligent material handling.

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